8 Head Measurement Guide

This is a simple model to provide reference for general body proportions when working with the 8 head idealized measurements. It can still be utilized for other proportions and very easily edited to suit needs and styles. This can be helpful for starting new models from scratch to arrive at generally accurate locations of features that can then be modified as needed as no human body is the same. Also useful for checking against existing models and to study differences in the human form. 

  • Multi-axis spacing indicators for human proportions at 8 Hu (Head Units)
  • Text reminders, spaced for general variance of features (referencing a male in this case)
  • Rough guide for width of the head
  • Guides for arms in both T Pose and rotatable A Pose - contain indicators for elbow and wrist
  • Arc to guide arm placement at any angle from T Pose to next to the body
  • Guide for general length of foot (appx 1 Hu)
  • Reference for clavicle position and length, spine of the scapula, and arm pit
  • Small grounding disc for bottom of feet
  • Arrow indicator for Z forward (maya style)
  • Includes two OBJs: Centered at Origin and Grounded on Origin, depending on preference

It is important to note that on average people are somewhat close to this but there is a lot of variation within the human form and so this should be used as a sanity check starting point. It is a helpful learning tool along the way. I created this while doing an anatomy study that you can see here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3oA38D 

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